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Ramsgate Public School will be introducing a Therapy Dog-in-training Pilot Project in Term 4, 2020 as a wellbeing initiative for students and staff.  

Her name is Luna and she is a Cavoodle. She has a friendly and loving temperament, and does not shed, making her hypo-allergenic. Luna is still a puppy and during her introduction in term four, the teachers and students in our senior classes will be supporting her with learning how to be an effective therapy dog by teaching her different tricks, giving her cuddles, and setting expectations for her behaviour. Luna will provide emotional support and comfort when students are experiencing negative emotions. 

During Term 4, Luna will be working mostly with our senior classes and it is anticipated that after the trial, she will work more widely across the school.

The benefits Luna will bring to Ramsgate PS include...

Social benefits: Interaction with a therapy dog has been proven to: provide a positive mutual topic for discussion, promote positive self-esteem and wellbeing, promote interaction with others, develop individual ability to trust and form bonds with others.

Cognitive benefits: Interaction with a therapy dog has been proven to: stimulate memory, improve problem solving, and provide opportunity to practice learning activities.

Emotional benefits: Interaction with a therapy dog has been shown to: improve self-esteem, provide feelings of acceptance from others, lift mood, support emotional self-regulation, have a calming effect, reduce anxiety and depression.

Physical benefits: Interaction with a therapy dog has been shown to: provide tactile stimulation, provide motivation to engage in physical activity and stimulate the senses.

Environmental benefits: A dog can improve the overall mood across the school and has been shown to reduce the number of negative incidences.

RPS Dance Showcase 2020 !

Watch our talented Ramsgate PS students in their first ever recorded “Dance Showcase”

Congratulations to all of our dance troupes; Senior dancers, Boys hip hop, Junior 3s and Junior 1 and 2s. All of our students have worked very hard given this years challenges, they have demonstrated great discipline and commitment. Well done!
Also a big thank you to our instructor CJ for putting together these amazing videos.


EDUCATION WEEK 2020 VIDEOS              #learningtogether


Our wonderful SRC, Leadership Team and Year 6 Students for 2020