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Transition to School

Starting School is an exciting time for both Parents and Children.

There are also several steps that will help your child to prepare for school. You can make this process easier by teaching your child to:

  • say his / her first name and family name;
  • recognise their name on clothing, lunch box, etc;
  • fasten clothing, including raincoat;
  • have a clean handkerchief or packet of tissues every day;
  • use a hankerchief or tissue by themselves;
  • know the difference between their "recess" and "lunch". These should be wrapped separately;
  • flush the toilet (they need to be able to clean themselves after using the toilet). 

Talk to your child about school - about meeting new friends, working in class, playing games, singing songs and making things with their class.

Please label ALL your child's possessions so that we can recognise them too.

Check these every so often as they may need renewing from time to time.

Ensure your child starts school with a correct school uniform. This will help make them feel more a part of their new class.

Practise "going to school" a couple times before school starts. Walk (or drive) to and from school, pack and unpack the child's bag and let them eat recess and lunch (which you have prepared and wrapped beforehand) at the appropriate time (see times over the page).

Prepare them for separation from you. Ensure that your child has had experiences where they have been away from parents/carers for short periods so that they will accept separation from immediate family.

Give your child simple duties around the home. This will help to foster a sense of responsibility and self - confidence.